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Halmos Undergraduate Co-Authors an Article in a Bioanalytical Chemistry Journal

This spring, Halmos College Biology major Elaine Ognjanovski (minors in Psychology and Experiential Leadership) co-authored a publication with Richard H. Perry, Ph.D. entitled, “Identification of lipid biomarkers of metastatic potential and gene expression (HER2/p53) in human breast cancer cell cultures using ambient mass spectrometry”, which was published in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Dr. Perry, a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Physics, worked with Elaine on developing a desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry method that enables the identification of lipid biomarkers of HER2/p53 expression, metastatic potential, and disease state in monolayer, suspension, and spheroid human breast cancer cell cultures.

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Combining paper-based electrochemistry and mass spectrometry

Yao-Min Liu and Richard H. Perry*

Electrochemistry / mass spectrometry ( EC / MS ) has many applications in science and industry such as drug discovery, elucidation of redox mechanisms, identification of drug metabolites, and online chemical derivatization for improving analytical figures of merit such as ionization efficiency, sensitivity, and selectivity. Typically, EC flow cells are combined with electrospray ionization MS (EC/ESI-MS; Fig 1a), an expensive configuration that is susceptible to carry over effects, not easily amenable to studies of complex multicomponent reactions, and difficult to arrange in high-throughput configurations.

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