Research Projects

The Role of Lipids in Cancer


In cancer, there is overactivation of lipogenesis. The mechanisms through which lipids mediate oncogenes and pathogenesis are largely unknown. Our lab is focused on developing mass spectrometry instrumentation and methods that enable the identification of  lipid biomarkers of oncogene expression, cancer phenotypes, and disease states in monolayer and suspension breast cancer cell cultures.

Recent Publications

  1. Heather M. Robison, Corryn E. Chini, Troy J. Comi, Seung Woo Ryu, Elaine Ognjanovski, and Richard H. Perry*, Identification of lipid biomarkers of metastatic potential and gene expression (HER2/p53) in human breast cancer cell cultures using ambient mass spectrometry, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2020, 412, 2949-2961. DOI: